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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Terrorist Attack on Our Intelligence

One of the only funny things I ever heard Jeff Foxworthy say was 'I thought I would be smarter at this point in my life.' Growing up, I just assumed adults were smart. They were bigger and sounded like they knew what they were saying. I have since learned this is not quite true.

Case in point: A crazy person doesn't want to pay his taxes (boo hoo) so he decides to crash a plane into an IRS building. This is of course insane and dumb beyond anyone's ability to express it in words. But is it terrorism? Um.. Huh?

The public is obsessed with trying to find out if this was an act of terrorism or not. Who cares? Like an infant looking for guidance, the American public seems to be looking for an adult to tell them what to think. And a lot of fringe crazies are happy to oblige. But what is the end game? What do we get if we call it terrorism? And why are people even asking the question? If someone could explain that, I would appreciate it.

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