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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rogue Speaker

Jon Stewart had an interesting take on the Palin frenzy currently sweeping the nation surrounding her new book and book tour that kicked off this week. Essentially he tried to counter the argument that liberals don't like Palin because she's exotic, folksy, or a "rogue" telling it like it is. He argued liberals don't like Palin because she just seems to repeat the same old tired lines and tries to spin it as being new and fresh.

I would agree with that but I think her communication style will ultimately do her in politically. She seems to be incapable of stating an idea in a way where the way she expresses it does not distract the listener from the idea itself.

Now, I'm not talking about her accent, speaking tone, speaking rhythm, or anything mechanical. I'm talking about her diction. Each sentence seems to start on one side of a cliff and finishes on the other side of the cliff. It's evident that she is able to make the leap, but the problem is a lot of people aren't able to make it with her.

If this were the only problem, we would still probably be able to get the gist of what she says. However, she has a tenancy to also do the following:

1. Mis-conjugate verbs
2. Lose pronoun clarity
3. Mix metaphors

Hey, I'm not a perfect communicator. But I think these things will ultimately doom Sarah Palin politically. The family drama, the missteps, the gaffes, the bizarre behavior and decisions... I think she can make it through those. Being able to express an idea clearly and not make an audience uncomfortable trying to do so... that is where she'll lose out.

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