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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is said that the states are laboratories of democracy. So I am very interested to see how the new Arizona immigration law plays out.

If the world (or even just this country) is a place where justice exists, then the situation in which the Latino community in Arizona now finds itself in will eventually come full circle.

The current estimate for the percentage of white, non-Latino Arizonians stands at 58.4%. With the percentage of Latinos around 30%, and the rate at which it has been growing, it will not be very long before whites are the minority (a reality that will come much quicker if and when an inevitable amnesty is granted as part of a Federal immigration policy). The mistake that the majority made in Arizona is that it has not targeted criminals; it has targeted the minority.

The law will at best harass legal Latino citizens and at worse create a new Jim Crow culture. Don't think it's that big a deal? How angry are you if you get pulled over by the cops? Now imagine you did not do anything and the cop was just curious if you were a legal citizen. This will certainly motivate the Latino community. But to do what?

Once Latinos make up the majority, it would be within their ability to create the same law and target whites. What if a white person is an Irish immigrant with an expired student visa? Got to make sure, right? If you're a citizen, don't worry. Just be sure to have your papers and enjoy getting stopped constantly due to a newly elected and overzealous chief of police who is, at this point, a third generation Mexican immigrant.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Terrorist Attack on Our Intelligence

One of the only funny things I ever heard Jeff Foxworthy say was 'I thought I would be smarter at this point in my life.' Growing up, I just assumed adults were smart. They were bigger and sounded like they knew what they were saying. I have since learned this is not quite true.

Case in point: A crazy person doesn't want to pay his taxes (boo hoo) so he decides to crash a plane into an IRS building. This is of course insane and dumb beyond anyone's ability to express it in words. But is it terrorism? Um.. Huh?

The public is obsessed with trying to find out if this was an act of terrorism or not. Who cares? Like an infant looking for guidance, the American public seems to be looking for an adult to tell them what to think. And a lot of fringe crazies are happy to oblige. But what is the end game? What do we get if we call it terrorism? And why are people even asking the question? If someone could explain that, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hume Ran Over the Buddha in the Road

Ironically, all true Buddhists not only forgive Brit Hume for his offensive comments, i doubt any were even offended.

Speaking of Buddha, this is a picture taken by Meredith at a flea market with a plastic camera. She entered several pictures into a photo show and had one selected! Sadly, not this one though:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jobs Summit Worked!

Looks like Obama's job summit worked as unemployment improved more than expected today. Take that naysayers.

Kidding aside, I have been racking my brain trying to think of things to complain about. I keep coming back to the same thing every single time. I agree with what Obama is doing. What is wrong with me? Everybody hates Obama right now.

The left can't stand him for expanding the Afghan war. They feel he is moving too slowly on social issues and has not lived up to his promise of change and hope.

The right hates him because... well, I really don't know why the right hates him so much. He seems determined to compromise with their tiny and diminishing minority, treats them like adults and always brings them in on major policy points and hasn't even picked any partisan fights yet. I saw an 'Impeach Obama' and 'Don't blame me, I voted for McCain' bumper sticker the other day. I can't even wrap my head around why anyone would or could feel that way. I mean we had very good reasons to want to impeach Bush. And you really want the 90 year old guy as President?

Anyway, I still follow politics and events very closely. It just seems like every decision he has made so far, I see the wisdom in. Name the topic, I can name the rational and the pragmatic process in which it is being addressed. The Afghan war? I couldn't agree with more. BTW lefties, apparently you never watched a speech by Candidate Obama. And leave it to the right to come up with the dumbest talking points. 'Deadlines will just cause the Taliban to wait for 3 years'. Um, that would be great! You mean we would have three years to build up Afghan army/police/civilian infrastructure all the while incurring zero casualties? The Taliban would then attack when the Afghan's were united and at their strongest? What's the downside? And why do you think the Taliban would adopt such a stupid tactic? They want to win.

To sum up, good job Obama. Once healthcare is passed, you will have had the best first year as President since FDR. And seeing how the timing of the economy improving and troops being withdrawn will coincide with 2012 (2010 not looking great), looks like my 20's were dominated by stupidity and George Bush while my 30's will be dominated my pragmatism and Barrack Obama.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rogue Speaker

Jon Stewart had an interesting take on the Palin frenzy currently sweeping the nation surrounding her new book and book tour that kicked off this week. Essentially he tried to counter the argument that liberals don't like Palin because she's exotic, folksy, or a "rogue" telling it like it is. He argued liberals don't like Palin because she just seems to repeat the same old tired lines and tries to spin it as being new and fresh.

I would agree with that but I think her communication style will ultimately do her in politically. She seems to be incapable of stating an idea in a way where the way she expresses it does not distract the listener from the idea itself.

Now, I'm not talking about her accent, speaking tone, speaking rhythm, or anything mechanical. I'm talking about her diction. Each sentence seems to start on one side of a cliff and finishes on the other side of the cliff. It's evident that she is able to make the leap, but the problem is a lot of people aren't able to make it with her.

If this were the only problem, we would still probably be able to get the gist of what she says. However, she has a tenancy to also do the following:

1. Mis-conjugate verbs
2. Lose pronoun clarity
3. Mix metaphors

Hey, I'm not a perfect communicator. But I think these things will ultimately doom Sarah Palin politically. The family drama, the missteps, the gaffes, the bizarre behavior and decisions... I think she can make it through those. Being able to express an idea clearly and not make an audience uncomfortable trying to do so... that is where she'll lose out.
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